About the Collective


The Envelope Collective was an ongoing collaborative experiment in art that used the transportation of mail as a medium. The website serves as an online gallery for those pieces that we received. It was started by two fellows named Garrett & Adam while they attended Oberlin College many years ago. After graduation, real life responsibilities took over and the project was ended.

What remains in the gallery is an archive of those envelopes received through the two-year run of the project.

Who Are Were the Geniuses Behind this Project?

Garrett Miller (Internets Genius)

Garrett was born and raised on a rural farm in Maryland. He enjoys running, good wine, bad beer, dried mango, biking, hopscotch, movies, and talking about himself in the third person. He graduated from Oberlin College in 2006 with double majors in Studio Art and Being Awesome. He now lives in the Washington DC area and supports his renegade, bad-boy lifestyle as a web designer.  MORE INFO...

Adam Morse (Surfing Genius)

Adam set out to be a pre-med student at Oberlin College in scenic Oberlin, OH. Upon realizing, however, that he was horrible at the game "Operation", he pursued an art major instead. Using expert advice from his good friend Garrett, Adam learned how to claim that anything he does is art and has stuck with it ever since. He also graduated with a degree in Studio Art, which is what all the cool kids are doing these days. He's in Pasadena working for an architecture firm, designing amusement park rides.  MORE INFO...

Ophelia Chong (Girl Stuff Genius)

Ophelia once defeated a bear with her bare hands. She didn't kill it, though, because that would be wrong. Instead, she merely beat it until the lesson was learned: Don't mess with Ophelia Chong.  MORE INFO...


The Unabridged, Totally Awesome History of the Collective

April 18, 1984:
Adam Morse born. Nurses astounded by baby's profound ability to grow facial hair in a matter of seconds.

October 23, 1984:
Garrett Miller born. Nurses astounded by baby's profound good looks, perfectly curly hair.

February 4, 2003:
Adam meets Garrett, stars align. Kind of like when Harry met Sally, except without the kissing. Or relationship. Okay, more like when Starsky met Hutch. Garrett is Starsky.

Sometime in early 2005:
Garrett gets idea for world-wide mail art network in web form. Adam completes several mail art art projects. Stars align again, light bulbs burn bright. Around the same time, Garrett and Adam meet Chris, probably think he's weird.

November 3, 2005:
The Envelope Collective is born. Call for submissions goes out. At least 23 people visit website on first day, attributed to Garrett and Adam refreshing the page.

January 27, 2006:
100th submission received.

March 17, 2006:
200th submission received.

April 11, 2006:
300th submission received.

May 29, 2006:
Garrett and Adam graduate from Oberlin College, celebrate with heavy drinking.

May 30, 2006:
Garrett and Adam nurse severe hangovers. Watch "Back to the Future" trilogy.

June-August, 2006:
Garrett and Adam fail to update website while trying to deal with PGS (Post-Grad Stress).

August 26, 2006:
Envelope Collective 2.0 launches. Chris joins up, becomes cooler for it. Not one, not two, but three addresses now! Holy cow! (Much awaited) viewer submission commenting created. Awesome factor increased by 85%. The new age is here.

August 26, 2006:
Garrett abuses internet priveleges by using HTML "blink" tag, is reprimanded by Internet Gods.

January 30, 2007:
Ophelia Chong joins up! Whoa... a female...